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Who is Linhan?

Our company name is derived from our two owners. 

Jim Lindsay and Mike Hanas, so you guessed it, Linhan is a combination of our last names!

Linhan Developments was officially formed in 2006.

Jim Lindsay our construction manager, comes from a long line of home builders dating back 3 generations! Many old school values have been passed down through generations to execute projects with exceptional quality and value. Jim has been in the construction industry for well over 30yrs and is a red seal tradesman. Jim is a family man of 3 children and  wife Teresa of 30yrs.  He was raised and resides  in the town of Stony Plain  he continues to serve his local community with professionalism.

Mike Hanas is our Business manager. Born in western Ukraine, Mike sought a better life for him and his new bride and settled in Edmonton in 1995. Mike and his family of 2 children and wife Lesia  (also of 30yrs) have remained in their family home since that time. King Edward Park has been Mikes neighborhood for over 20 years and lives in a infill home. Mike has a versed history of commercial and residential construction experience of 30 yrs and is a red seal tradesman. 

Sub-Trades are an important part of our Business. We have spent many years searching for quality and reliable trades.  We only use top notch trades that specialize in their fields, no handyman workmanship here. Assembling a team of trades is the key for a quality home. Building a strong relationship with the sub-trades allows us to deliver on our promises and complete the home on time and on budget.

What do you do? And what's the building  process?

We don't do it all, but here is a list of projects that fit in our wheelhouse.

  • Infill houses:  Basically we tear down the existing house and rebuild you a new house. This may also include skinny homes or duplexes that require subdividing. We can take care of the subdivision process as well!

  • Garage suites: Also called garden suites, we can take care of all the details with permits and the City of Edmonton. If demolition is required of an old garage that's not a problem. 

  • Acreage Homes: Big or small we've done them all.  Clear treed lots, driveways, septic fields, cisterns, water wells, walk-outs, lakeside and many more.  We've completed many big estate homes and modest family homes. 

  • Ready built Homes: We continuously build spec homes to offer move-in ready houses and also to showcase our workmanship. 

  • Renovations: We have a long history of completing  large renovations and additions. .  

The Process

  1. Location:  We have several realtors that can help and often specialize in certain areas.  We will walk the lot with you and give you ideas and suggestions on the best avenue to build. This can greatly reduce your risk of choosing a lot that is costly to prep for building and avoid construction issues.  We may also have a property with "Dibbs" on them.  That means they are not listed and we have the first chance to purchase. 

  2. Cost Budget: After a short meeting Jim will provide you with a construction budget that fits your wants and desires. 

  3. Mortgage: We have a broker that can give you a great deal and they actually know the building financing process.  

  4. Decision time: That's right, up to this point there is no commitment!  If you like what we have presented and wish to contract us, then we are off to the races. 

  5. Design: You will meet with our professional home designer to custom plan your home. Jim is always available to assist. 

  6. Pricing: The preliminary plans are priced for final costs. If the plans don't fit the price we can still modify no problem.

  7. Finalize contract: If all are in agreement the contract will be finalized. If not you only pay for the plans.

  8. Complete plans: Drawings are finalized and approved by you.

  9. Construction: We take care of engineering, permits and all aspects of the construction phase. All you have to do is choose the products and design. Stressed out about designing? We have a designer available to help you through the process.

  10. Move-in: When the house is complete, we do a walk though with you to make sure everything is up to your standards. 

  11. Warranty: Enjoy 1 year of full coverage warranty by Linhan. After that Progressive Warranty program will take over to provide you with ongoing support. 

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